Nick Clegg ‘delighted’ with new fagging portfolio

May 12, 2010

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that he is ‘honoured’ by his new appointment as personal fag to David Cameron.

Under the arrangement, Mr Clegg will perform household chores for the Prime Minister including pressing his trousers, brushing his jacket and polishing his shoes. In return, Mr Cameron will protect Clegg from being bullied by other members of Cabinet.

‘Of course Clegg is not a full boarder,’ said Cameron, ‘he’s a day boy. But rest assured, we will treat him with the respect that he deserves.’

‘This is a unique opportunity,’ said Clegg, ‘For some people, running around and opening doors for your fagmaster might seem demeaning. But for me, this is a price that I have to pay. That, and my lunch money.’

David Cameron denied allegations that some Liberal Democrats were already being bullied after Danny Alexander was found with his head down the lavatory and Chris Huhne had to visit matron after being given a wedgie. ‘This is all part of the rough and tumble of government,’ said Cameron, ‘I am sure that the new boys will soon get used to this horseplay and find their rightful place in the pecking order, at the bottom.’

Meanwhile, it is understood that Vince Cable will be expected to wear a pinny and serve tea to Chancellor, George Osborne. ‘This isn’t exactly what I had signed up for,’ said Mr Cable, ‘and it may take a little while getting used to my new ministerial title as ‘Scullion’.’

When asked whether he had sold out to the Prime Minister, Clegg replied, ‘I have made his bed, and I will lie in it.’

4 Responses to “Nick Clegg ‘delighted’ with new fagging portfolio”

  1. As Giles Coren once remarked in The Times of his almer mater, Westminster is “barely more than a fee-paying local school” after all.

  2. Mums said

    What aload of hogwash! This is just sour grapes from those who can’t stomach change and something new and fresh ! Do you have to be part of such acrimonious snides? The acidity will eat away at your soul. What good will it do to fight what is now on the cards? Where will it get you? The attitude of this site is negative and destructive.
    Paul in the book of Titus exhorts all believers to “submit to the government and its officers”.

  3. Debi said

    You’ve achieved the near impossible and made me laugh enough to forget how sick I feel the rest of the time.

    Heartfelt thanks!

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