Guardian Angel found guilty of stalking and sexual harassment

February 19, 2010

In a landmark ruling Lord Justice Canning said, “This angel has clearly abused a position of trust with a vulnerable and highly suggestible client.” The court issued an injunction that prohibits the angel from coming within 500 yards of Mrs Maureen Greeb, of Ventnor, Isle of Wight. The angel will also be placed on the newly created Celestial Offenders Register.

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Greeb said: “At first it was nice to think that there was someone watching over me. But, after a while, it became a bit creepy. It followed me wherever I went. Then, it started coming into my home. I knew things had gone too far when I found a feather in my knicker drawer.”

“These angels are very cunning,” said Chief Inspector Jack Regan of the Ethereal Crimes Squad. “They take full advantage of their non-corporeal nature to wheedle their way into people’s lives. Then they deliberately avoid detection by cynically hiding behind their cloak of invisibility.”

The court heard how Mrs Greeb was subjected to a three-year ordeal of stalking and sexual harassment by the angel. “It was a bloody nuisance,” said Mrs Greeb. “Each night it would appear in my bedroom and wake me with it’s golden iridescent glow. Then I would hear the sound of celestial trumpets at which point it would flap open it’s wings and expose itself to me.”

The case follows increasing concerns that many Guardian Angels are operating so called “Peoplephile Rings” where they share photos and information about potential victims, deliberately targeting the weak, the gullible and followers of the New Age.

Many are now calling for angels to face tougher vetting procedures, full CRB checks and the introduction of ‘Maureen’s Law’ – legislation that would give the public the right to know if a Guardian Angel was operating in the area.

“We need guarding against these celestial perverts,” said an outraged Mrs Greeb, “if I had my way they would have their wings clipped and their halos chopped off.”


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